100W LED Driver V2

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Our 100W LED Drivers are the easiest and most efficient way to run 100W LED chips with DC power sources such as a 12V or 24V battery. They feature an internal boost converter to allow for input voltages between 11V and 27.5V. The regulated LED output is fixed at 3.5A, 28.6V. It also includes output pins for a fan and 5V output for Arduino or R/C receiver.

LED on/off switching can be controlled by jumping the on/off pins or with any 5V logic signal. If signal pin is suspended or provided with < 3V, the LED and fan output will be OFF. If signal pin is provided with >3V LED and fan output will be ON.



  • Input voltage range - 11-27.5V
    • Input fits XT60 connector
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Flicker free with high speed cameras up to 10,000 fps!
  • Constant current regulated output (3.5A)
  • May not be compatible with some of the cheaper 100W COBs on the market. Emitters MUST be capable of 3.5A. 45mil diode size recommended. 
  • Cooling Fan Output
    • Fan output voltage = input voltage
    • Fan switches on/off with LED output
  • 5V output for Arduino or R/C receiver control
  • On/Off switching pin 
    • When disconnected = LED off
    • When connected with 5V = LED on
  • Silent Operation

Minimum Order Quantity: 3 pcs - Lower quantities can be purchased on Amazon

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Arduino Connection.jpg
 Arduino Connection

Arduino Connection

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 R/C Receiver Connection

R/C Receiver Connection