The 2X2 Array allows for maximum creative control of dynamic light movement when paired with a stabilized gimbal and a drone. Four 100W LED emitters produce 52,000 Lumens, the brightness equivalent of a 6kW incandescent light. 

This product is a kit. Assembly / soldering required. 


  • Weight: 1.5kg

  • Current Consumption: 20A @24V

  • Size: 200*254*254mm

Items required for use: 

  • 6S LIPO Battery (8AH or larger)

  • Receiver controlled switch (if remote on/off switching is desired)

  • R/C receiver (if the gimbal or drone does not have auxiliary channel PWM outputs)

  • Gimbal (Freefly Movi Pro or M15 recommended)

Items required for assembly: 

  • 2mm hex driver

  • 2.5mm hex driver

  • Small flat head screw driver

  • Electrical or Kapton tape

  • Solder

  • Silicone wire for connecting the 4 LED Drivers in parallel

  • Battery connector of your choice

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2X2 Frame Build.jpg
2X2 Wiring.jpg