Stratus LED Module Accessories

AC to DC 24V 7A Power Supply


Powers one 100W LED Module off 120-240V AC. 

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Battery Bag

Our adjustable nylon battery bags are great for hanging LIPO packs on light stands or tripods. Fits batteries up to 20,000 MAH 6S. 

Battery Bag

Cooling Fans

The voltage supplied to the cooling fans by the LED driver is equal to the main input voltage. The operating voltage range of a cooling fan is not as wide as the LED driver voltage range. For this reason, we give the option for either 12V or 24V fans. Using a 12V fan with 24V will prevent the LED from turning on. Using a 24V fan with 12V will cause the LED emitter to overheat. Please select a cooling fan voltage option to match your preferred input voltage. 

  • Use a 12V fan with input voltages ranging from 12V to 16V 
  • Use a 24V fan with input voltages ranging from 16V to 27V
60*60*25mm Cooling Fan (5 pcs)