Dynamic light/shadow motion from above

The AERIAL ARRAY system is designed to keep shadow edges as sharp as possible by grouping the LED Modules close together. It also allows for dynamic shadow control with a tilt-able base. Subjects can be lit from an angle to stretch shadows across the landscape. 

Available for rent. Contact us for details/availability. 


  • 130,000 Lumens
  • 65 Amps at 24V
  • 10 minutes of run time with a 6S 10AH LIPO (cut off @3.3V per cell)
  • 5600K - CRI: 90
  • Weight: 3850g (not including landing gear)
  • Size: 300x150x130mm
  • On/off switching via PWM servo signal (additional R/C controlled relay required)
  • EC5 power connector

Required for use:

  • Drone capable of lifting at least 6.5kg
  • 6 cell LIPO (10Ah or larger) 
  • R/C Receiver or a spare channel on the drones receiver (if R/C control is desired)

Rental package includes:

  • Aerial Array LED
  • Landing gear 
  • Female Toad-in-the-hole 
  • PWM controlled relay for on/off switching 
  • 2.5mm hex driver
  • 2.0mm hex driver
  • Low voltage Alarm
Lead time: 10 days
Aerial Array - $1799 USD
 Photo by Upper Cut Productions Ltd.

Photo by Upper Cut Productions Ltd.