Overhead Lighting via Drone

The ARM LED system is designed for lighting scenes from directly overhead. It is designed with efficiency in mind to achieve maximum flight time. The heat sinks utilize the drones prop wash for cooling, and are resultingly much smaller and lighter than they otherwise would need to be. This also eliminated the need for cooling fans. The ARM LED system can be attached to any drone with 25mm or 30mm diameter arms. Instal eight ARM LED modules on an octocopter for 96,000 lumens of light or six on a hexacopter for 72,000 lumens. 

LEDs can be switched on/off with a servo signal from either the drones R/C receiver or a separate R/C receiver. See our LED Driver tutorial video for more information on switching. 

  • 8 ARM LED Modules: 37 Amps at 24V

  • 6 ARM LED Modules: 28 Amps at 24V

Weight: LED Emitter + Heat Sink + LED Driver PCBA = 140g

Included items:

  • 100W 13,000 Lumen 5600K 90 CRI LED Emitter

  • ARM LED Heat Sink

  • 100W LED Driver

  • 4X M3x8mm Screws

This product is a kit. Required items / supplies for assembly: 

  • 3-6 cell LIPO battery (6 cell recommended to reduce current draw)

  • Receiver controlled switch (if wireless on/off switching is desired)

  • 25mm or 30mm tube clamps

  • LIPO low voltage alarm or voltage telemetry (to avoid over discharge)

  • 18 AWG wire or similar (to connect multiple LED drivers in parallel)

  • 20 AWG wire or similar (to connect LED Emitters to Drivers)

  • Solder

  • Your preferred power connector of choice (XT60 or EC5 recommended)

  • Lens or parabolic reflector (if desired)

  • Heat shrink tubing

  • Electrical tape

  • Thermal grease

3D Printable Accessories: 

ARM LEDs (Qty: 2) Includes 2 ARM LED modules - $199
ARM LED Wiring diagram.jpg
ARM LED drawing.jpg
SolidWorks Premium 2014 x64 Edition - [3DExplode1 of Arm LED Assembly _] 2018-01-15 11.26.46.png