100W LED Module - Version 2

Our multi-purpose 100W LED Modules are the most compact and inexpensive high power LED lights on the market. Simply plug in a battery or power supply to blast 13,000 lumens out the front. The integrated LED driver circuit supplies consistent current to the LED emitter for maximum brightness. We source the highest quality Bridgelux LED emitters for accurate color control and dependability. Our LED Modules can be used alone, or together in a light bar array

What makes our 100W LED Modules unique is their compact and light weight design. This is made possible by coupling extruded aluminum heat sinks with high power cooling fans. Most 100W LED emitter systems use heavy heat sinks weighing over 1kg. Our efficient cooling system keeps temperatures down while weighing a mere 200g. 

Ships as a kit. Tools / supplies required for assembly: 

  • Solder
  • 2.5mm Hex Driver
  • 2mm Hex Driver
  • Small flat head screw driver
  • Kapton tape/Electrical tape


  • Each Module is comparable in brightness to a 1000W Tungsten light 
  • Includes Parabolic Reflector
  • Includes LED Driver V2
  • Power with any 12-27V DC source 
  • High quality 100W 45mil Bridgelux LED chip
  • Jumper pins for switching light on/off (not current bearing) 
    • Easy integration with custom lighting arrays
  • External on/off switch


  • Input: 12-27V DC
  • On/off switching: 5V logic signal 
  • Included power connector: XT60
  • Color Temperature options: 5600K, 3200K
  • CRI options: 93, 85
  • Noise: 30 db-A fan
  • Flicker free up to 10,000 fps
  • Weight: 360g
  • Dimensions: 105*60*60mm (not including parabolic reflector)

Cooling fan voltage options: 

All LED drivers are compatible with 12 to 27 volts. The voltage supplied to the cooling fans is equal to the main input voltage. The operating voltage range of a cooling fan is not as wide as the LED driver voltage range. For this reason, we give the option for either 12V or 24V fans. Using a 12V fan with 24V will cause the fan to eventually burn out. Using a 24V fan with 12V will cause the LED emitter to overheat. Please select a cooling fan voltage option to match your preferred input voltage. Do note: We recommend using higher voltages whenever possible, especially when powering from batteries. 

  • Use a 12V fan with input voltages ranging from 12V to 16V 
  • Use a 24V fan with input voltages ranging from 16V to 27V
85CRI 11000 Lm - $74.9 per piece
85CRI 13000 Lm - $89.9 per piece
93CRI 11000 Lm- $99.9 per piece
100W LED Module (Qty 2)
Fan voltage

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